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Google 在前陣子推出了 Google Apps Marketplace,讓使用 Google Apps 作為資訊系統的組織能夠更多元化使用 Google Apps 及 Marketplace 上的 apps 來強化資訊系統。這次我們很高興能邀請到在樹德科大任職的 ychsiao 來為大家介紹他如何在校園系統中結合及推廣 Google Apps。

快快樂樂用Google Apps

  • Google Apps 簡介
  • 如何佈署Google Apps
  • Google Apps API
  • 某校佈署辛酸史
  • Q & A

2010/03/31(三)19:30 @ 果子咖啡

  1. 每個人的基本費用是 NTD$ 150,會附有兩杯飲料,若需增加用餐者則費用為 NTD$ 250。請於報到時繳交
  2. 因為場地因素,我們將開放有報名的朋友優先入座,19:25尚未抵達活動場地者,視同自動放棄並開放候補
  3. 場地有免費無線網路,別忘了可以帶電腦來參加;有名片也可以準備一下來交朋友。
Google announced the Google Apps Marketplace to enhance the Google App's abilities. We're glad to invite ychsiao, who works in Shu-Te University, to give us a talk about integrating Google Apps with existing systems.

Speech Title
Happily Using Google Apps

  • Introduction to Google Apps
  • Google Apps Depolyment
  • Google Apps APIs
  • Experience Sharing
  • Q & A
When and Where
Wed, Mar. 31, 2010  19:30  @ GozCafe

50 people.

  1. To join this talk, you have to pay NTD$ 150 to GozCafe. They will prepare 2 drinks and a snack for you. In addition to this, if you want to have a dinner, please pay NTD$ 250 to GozCafe.
  2. Due to the space of GozCafe, we restrict the number of participants of this talk. If you don't arrive at GozCafe before 19:25, we will start let the people who didn't register in.
  3. There's WIFI service in GozCafe. Plz don't forget to bring your laptop. Moreover, bring your name cards too (if necessary).
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